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In mid-October 2023, our partner Diego Nunes joined the Alliot Global Alliance Worldwide Conference that took place in Athens, Greece.
This event saw the largest turnout for an AGA Worldwide Conference to date, with some 30 percent of attendees coming from new or recently affiliated member firms. There was a total of 160 delegates representing 52 different countries. The levels of engagement and collaboration were off the scale. Attendees showcased their readiness for a challenging future that will require them to tap into the alliance and into each other’s professional expertise, business acumen, innovations and resources.
Different insights were shared at the event on different topics such as professional fees (and the essential difference between price and value), succession planning, business development, AI, cybersecurity, leadership and fear and crisis management. Member-firms were recognized with AGA’s Excellence Awards for their commitment and achievements. The conference began on Monday 23 with lectures conducted by members and external consultants designed to foster greater collaboration in multinational businesses, the use of technology and corporate management. Our partner Diego Nunes, who attended the event as representative of our law-firm, spoke on panels highlighting our experience in best practices on brand use (more details in our next post).
Sponsor sessions (including from Gold sponsor, Suralink) displayed the latest technologies helping firms to digitally transform their practices and improve efficiency and profitability.
The program included a combination of plenary and breakout sessions and unstructured networking as well as social activities that introduced delegates and their companions to the unique nightlife and culture of Athens. Further to work sessions, the event offered a rooftop drinks reception, breaks, lunch and even a gala dinner hosted by the AGA main sponsor, DataSnipper. Group activities and dynamics were the ideal environment to strengthen and foster fellowship and collaboration bonds inside the Alliance, surrounded by the beauty of Athens and the Acropolis and getting involved with Greek history.
Currently, AGA embraces 220 member firms in 97 countries. An expansion is projected for 2029 aiming to achieve a milestone of 275 member firms in 110 countries globally. In the meantime, we can anticipate that the next AGA Worldwide Conference will be hosted by the Vietnam office based in the city of Ho Chi Minh and is scheduled for November 12-16 2024.

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