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Estudio Nunes & Asoc. continues to expand its network of strategic partners

Por 10 agosto, 2023 No Comments

As part of our ongoing commitment with the digital transformation of the private sector and with the branch of law related to cutting-edge technology, our Law Firm has closed a strategic alliance with Foresenics Digital Evidence, a computer forensics company with a strong reputation and a proven 10-year track record in the Argentine and Latin-American markets. We have partnered with a talented team of digital forensics experts strongly committed with computing tools applied to law matters in order to deliver integrated digital forensics solutions.
This alliance is the result of a mutual collaboration between both companies that started before the pandemic and strengthened throughout the years with the subsequent technological and work conditions’ transformation in the global business market. This business relationship also inspired a new section in our newsletter dedicated to Law and Tech.
From our Law Firm, our partner and leader of this project, Diego Nunes stated: “This alliance reflects the type of service and integral solution we intend to deliver to our clients. Our cases are approached considering the legal framework and the sciences connected to them as well, with a view to obtain better results and client satisfaction.” This is a step forward in the envisioned concept of Estudio Nunes: to become the only point of contact upon serving clients with legal issues.
Upon celebrating the agreement, Martín Elizalde, co-founder of Foresenics stated: “An alliance between our companies is the result of an innovative strategy in the practice of law. Perhaps the most innovative in the field of litigation and electronic documentary evidence.” In the same line, Gabriel Paradelo, the other co-founder of the company stated: “We hope to be able to contribute our experience aiming to foster the use of digital evidence in all the cases handled by Estudio Nunes.”
Both companies will start offering the following services: digital evidence safeguard, IT training courses, best practices and analysis of concrete cases and safety breach, subject to expanding their service portfolio in the near future.
In line with these services, we will provide further details in our next posts. If you need any further information, please feel free to contact us through our usual channels.

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