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Starting 2023, Estudio Nunes & Asoc. became a Partner of Founder Institute (FI), the largest pre-seed accelerator in the world. In the last decade, FI has helped over 6500 projects and entrepreneurs to become fundable startups, raising almost 2 billion dollars and achieving an estimated portfolio value of above 30 billion dollars. It has more than 200 active chapters in over 95 countries and has a network of 25.000 active mentors.
Created in Silicon Valley in 2009 by successful entrepreneurs, such as Jonathan Greechan, FI focuses on ideas and businesses that want to make a positive impact in the world through technology. The key concept is that we cannot keep current consumption and development models and that the change must and will come from the private sector. The idea is to help, through a structured proven program, tomorrows business leaders to create the companies that will generate this paradigm shift.
Since our goal as a firm is to assist companies to create value for themselves and others and we share the principles that FI stands for, the terms of our partnership came out easy. Both entities are all about generating value with networks and alliances that increase such value for all parties involved. “This new partnership is consistent with our objectives of being part of virtuous global networks, working together with technology entrepreneurs, generating positive impact in the world and adding value to startups” Sergio Nunes, managing partner of Estudio Nunes & Asoc. stated.
Also, our partner Diego Nunes has recently graduated in #AcceleratorLab, one of the FI’s leadership programs. About this, he mentioned “I am proud of this achievement in a so strict program that demanded from us to produce material and weekly deliverables during 3 months, with constant evaluation and exhaustive monitoring.”; see full post.
This intensive experience enabled him to become Director of FI’s Web3 Americas Chapter. This means he will be mentoring and coordinating mentors for startups working in the Web3 industry, one of the most prominent sectors related not only to blockchain but also regarding technology in general.
Together with other 4 directors, he will be coordinating specific events about fundraising,
interviews with relevant persons and companies’ representatives and, of course, conducting the program.
If you are working on Web3 and / or know someone who would benefit from such a program, you can share this link for them to apply and receive all relevant information: Also, you can share Diego’s profile for them to send him a private message.
Early admissions finish in March for the 2023 semester. Once you apply to the program, you will also receive invitations to join the events coordinated by this Chapter and relevant FI global events. We highly recommend Web3 related developers and companies to check the links in this article and to follow Founder Institute’s accounts to get the latest insights of the accelerator.
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