Lituanian General Honorary Consulate in Buenos Aires – Activities 2022

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In the last 12 months as relevant activities of the Honorary Consulate we can highlight:

  1. From the end of 2021 to March 2022 we had the intern Daniele Zubrickaite, who was collaborating with the team and the work of the honorary consulate.
  2. On 02/16, 2022, a virtual commemoration of the Day of the Restoration of the Lithuanian State was held, where in addition to the general public, the following participated: Lyra Puišytė-Bostroem, Dalia Asanavičiūtė, Mariano Yakimavicius
    (Honorary Consul candidate in Rosario city – Argentine), Dalia Henke, Olga Lukosivicius and others.
  3. In April we participated in the virtual meeting between the Vilnius Chamber of Commerce and the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency of the Argentine Republic, organized by the Embassy of Lithuania in Madrid.
  4. In that same month, the first Consular Mission of the year 2022 was carried out, where more than 200 people were attended; because in addition to the registered appointments several people approached with different queries.
  5. At the end of that same month, we had a visit from Tomas Lamanauskas, whom we helped hold meetings with representatives of the Inter-American Development Bank, with the Secretary of Technological Innovation of the Argentine Republic, with ENACOM (Argentine telecommunication secretary) and with the Argentine Foreign Ministry; meetings in which he presented his
    candidacy and through which Argentine support was achieved for the current position he occupies as Vice President of the World Telecommunications Union.
  6. We was contacted by the companies IKAR from Kaunas and by the company FASA from Marijampole, which asked us for collaboration to find distributors and resellers of their products in Argentina and the region.
  7. In the month of August, we received a visit from the Lithuanian television production company NORDPLAY (Lietuvos TL 3 ir GO 3 partners), which for a week asked us for collaboration to find locations, meet with local television producers, hire personnel, equipment and everything necessary for the filming of a tango reality show in the City of Buenos Aires.
  8. In October, we received an invitation from the organizers of the AUTOMECHANIKA Fair in Buenos Aires, where the Lithuanian firms
    DIELETRIK and KINERGO participated. On those same days we also had the honor of the visit of Ambassador Andrius Bruzga, whom we received at the Ezeiza Airport and accompanied him to the meetings at the Argentine Foreign Ministry.
  9. At the beginning of November, we received the expedition of the Lithuanian Archives that was going to the city of Esquel to carry out a survey in the Lithuanian OLBRUN Museum. We collaborate with them on logistical and organizational issues for the trip to Argentine Patagonia and their stay in Buenos Aires.
  10. In the same month, the tango reality show for Lithuanian television was filmed for 20 days. We continue to collaborate with them and advise them.
  11. The second Consular Mission of the year took place in November. We received more let's 200 people too in our General Honorary Consulate´s installations in 5 days.
  12. During 2022, more than 700 e-mails were answered with requests for information on citizenships and passports. In total, we estimate a number of 240 hours of human resources dedicated to the attention of these queries among 5 ad honorem collaborators (Diego Nunes, Mario Kalainis, Romina Pirillo, Florencia Reschini and Brenda Sajama). We also receive inquiries by phone and WhatsApp. We want to highlight the constant attention of Florencia, Romina and Brenda answering queries by email, WhatsApp and even by phone every day. Although initially with the assistance of Diego and Mario we were able to handle the flow of inquiries, for more than two years the daily and constant availability of 5 volunteers in addition to the Consul has been required.
  13. We attended the consultation of psychiatrists medics from the Moyano Hospital regarding the Lithuanian citizen Jekaterina KARAVAICEVA, born in Klaipeda on 05-28-1989, Personal Identification Code 48905281365, who has all her personal documentation expired and has been hospitalized since
    November with a diagnosis of schizophrenia and a medical diseases of psychomotor digging and delusions.
  14. We responded to the query of Vaida Baranauskaite, Sales Project Manager of the Lithuanian Post Office, who asked us for collaboration and contacts to seek the signing of a cooperation agreement with the Argentine Post Office´s authorities.
  15. We evacuate the queries of the Argentine ILGA company, a manufacturer of 1-point electrical switch for industrial applications, of the Galickas family (members of Lithuanian community in Buenos Aires) and its possibilities to sell the products in the Lithuanian market.
  16. We open the category of Lithuania in blog format so that more people can
    access relevant information in a simple way:
  17. We also recently addressed the concerns of the member of the Lithuanian Parliament Arvydas Počiūs, who is carrying out investigative work for the publication of a book on the Argentine Brigadier General Faustino José Svencionis and other Argentine soldiers with Lithuanian descent, and their participation in the Malvinas War and throughout Argentine history.
  18. We received 50 emails during 2022 of invitations, participation in events and other consular procedures not related to citizenship documents.
  19. We received 75 news mails from various local and regional Lithuanian communities, as well as from the local radio program "Echoes of Lithuania" about their activities.
  20. We send congratulations on national holidays to local Lithuanian clubs that celebrated with various events.
  21. Through the collaboration of Kristina Zaleckaite, we conducted an interview in Spanish with a soldier named MARCOS from the VILKAS battalion in Vilnius, material that we disseminated to our entire contact base in the context of the war with Ukraine.
  22. We spread different requests to end the Russian invasion in Ukraine.
  23. Our direct contact database by mail to Lithuanian citizens and people interested in consulate information grew to 2572 contacts.
  24. During 2022, 10 informative newsletters were sent by mail informing about the most relevant activities of this Consulate as well as the Lithuanian community and authorities.
  25. We collaborate closely with the start of activities of the new colleague IGNACIO MOSKEVICH, the new Honorary Consul in the city of Tucumán.