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The second Edition of the Cryptoverse Summit took place on May 17 th . 2023 in Mauritius. The event was organized by the company Wakanda 4.0 and was sponsored by Alliott Global Alliance (AGA). Specialized lawyers in cryptoassets and FinTechs shared their expertise over the crucial role of compliance and legislationin shaping the future of the cryptoindustry.
The goals of this second Edition of the Cryptoverse Summit were:

  • To build a collaborative networking environment and to boost the promotion of the opportunities brought by the new technologies for the community
  • To bring clarity on the legal framework for Virtual Assets and Virtual Assets Service Providers (VASPs) in Mauritius (the VAITOS Act 2021).
  • To promote Mauritius as a safe and robust offshore jurisdiction
  • To promote Mauritius as a friendly-jurisdiction for virtual assets
  • To give visibility to virtual assets and blockchain projects in Mauritius and Africa

Our partner Diego Nunes, as representative of AGA Argentina, sat on a panel together with Audra White (AGA – USA), Anthony Marrin (AGA -Hong Kong), Greg Pooler and Max Marmor (AGA- UK), Songül Top (France), Ashveen Gopee (AGA-Mauritius), Kenneth Muhangi (AGA-Uganda).
Cryptoverse Summit is one of the leading crypto events held in Africa and is becoming essential due to the expansion and fast development of the virtual assets’ space and of the blockchain community in Mauritius.
We thanks Giles Brake(CEO of AGA) for his commitment and support to this initiative and our participation in this successful event. We also thank the alliance’s cryptocurrency practice group. Also, our special gratitude to Alliott Global Alliance and Wakanda 4.0 for promoting this type of events, fostering debates and helping to spread knowledge about the cryptoindustry legal framework.

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