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Estudio Nunes & Asoc. was founded in 1981 starting with a small office managed by its original partners. Throughout the years our firm developed a constant growth becoming a multidisciplinary firm with national and international strategic alliances, aiming at providing legal solutions to the private sector. A key milestone for us is to be proud members of Alliott Global Alliance, an international alliance with top-profile professionals with global presence in more than 80 countries.

We provide tailored-based professional services where every client is assigned a lawyer to get involved with the clients’ needs, assisting them in an ethically and efficiently manner.

Some of our expertise areas (besides offering a full legal service) are: Labor Law, Commercial and Environmental Law (hence providing advice on trade unions conflicts and drafting corporate policies), Corporate Law and Corporate Social Responsibility oriented to Sustainable Development Goals. Also, we work in cooperation with the Argentine-German Chamber of Commerce (AHK), through which their “German Desk” certification you can rely on our German speaking professionals.

We have a team with 13 lawyers, 2 receptionists, 2 paralegals, 3 administrative employees and a collections coordinator



Full Legal Services

We offer our clients strategic solutions in different areas such as Labor, Commercial, Civil and Administrative Law through coordinated legal advice to achieve the best results.

Preventive Actions

We seek to anticipate and prevent legal problems and litigation in those areas likely to present contingencies in order to deal with them before conflicts arise, saving costs and improving productivity. One of the main actions in this sense is the drafting and due application of Internal Procedures and discipline related reports and policies.

Litigation Auditing

Companies frequently audit their accountants’ performance through external auditors. In the same manner, we offer external auditing services in those cases where the client is involved. This is achieved by means of a detailed analysis and with the presentation of a final report.


We advise our clients on corporate matters such as trade unions and/or Human Resources issues likely to arise daily or exceptionally, from the legal and productive point of view.

Incorporation Procedures

We assist our clients with procedures at IGJ (Legal Entities Incorporation Registry) regarding incorporation of companies, amendment of Bylaws according to rules in force, designation and renewal of authorities, analysis of corporate documents for compliance with requirements relating to civil and commercial entities, among others. Our services include legal advice, drafting and execution of corporate documents and procedures related thereto. Besides, our offices are strategically located next to IGJ.

Collection Services

It is a solution-oriented service whenever clients fail to collect outstanding invoices and for receivables management. You can rely on our team of experts for achieving successful results at the lower possible costs.

Coordination of CSR and SDG Campaigns

We develop actions and sustainability strategies with specific goals and aligned with our clients’ core values related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our team has been trained in creating business resiliency and has a proven track record of actions with Non-Governmental Organizations. Some of them have also received the title as International Promoter of the SDGs.

Environmental Law

Our team has specialists in this area to advise companies and individuals that are strongly engaged with the conservation of natural resources and with environmental matters.

We are able to advise and assist our clients through national and international alliances all over the world.

We work in collaboration with the following entities:

Alliott Global Alliance is one of the first international independent association of accounting firms. Over 160 members firms have joined ALLIOT all over the years, mainly accounting and law firms, reaching over 80 countries and it is considered a leading network in delivering legal and accounting solutions across the globe.

The worldwide leader organization in organizational coaching for executives. Exclusively designed for CEOs, companies’ owners and business people.

The only tripartite U.N. agency, the ILO brings together –since 1919- governments, employers and workers of 187 members States to set labor standards, develop policies and devise programs promoting decent work for all women and men.

German-Argentine Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Active agent for developing strategic business relationships for Argentine and German companies bounded by a platform of 400 member firms and companies.

Corporate Trade Non-profit Association, entity that represents the national industrial activity covering member entities and regional chambers.

Second-level organization that represents and defends the interests of the graphic industry whenever required by the National Government and by provincial or municipal governments; national, provincial and municipal legislative powers, trade unions and/or by any other authority.

An Association that since 1953 supports Small and Medium sized-companies of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, promoting the benefits of association and cooperation as well as corporate union leadership.

Chamber of Wholesalers and Businesspersons of the Argentine Republic. This entity fosters relationships between wholesalers and business women and men through supportive actions and cooperation agreements.

The Greek-Argentine Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Its mission is the nucleation and representation of Greek business people or of Greek origin, residing in Argentina or in other countries with investments and businesses in Greek and/or Argentina.

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